Thursday, 29 August 2019

More Christmas cards

Good afternoon all, 
Wow, this week is really flying. 
I have been working on commissions all day, 
So I have decided to take a few minutes away from my pyrography machine 
to have a catch up. 
Yesterday it was our regular workshops in Hazel Grove, 
and we had a bit of a ‘sprout ‘ day. 
We made some Christmas cards using the  fabulous stamp set from Hobby Art. 

I do love these stamps, it is great to have some humour in our crafty stash. 

The sprouts really lend themselves to decoupage. 

They make fabulous baubles. 
Plus there are plenty of accessories for the little sprouts. 

This Christmas hat for example. 

They remind me of an episode of ‘the victor of Dibbly ‘ 
If you watched it, 
You will know the one that I mean.

We did come up with all sort of daft sprout jokes....!!!!
But you know me..

Thanks for popping in, 
Oh and I nearly forgot, 
Welcome to our new blog followers.
I am so pleased to have you join our lovely little group.

Love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


  1. Great cards Jo! This set is one of my favourites this year so my cards will also be 'sprouting' hmm lol
    Stay safe ((hugs)) Chrissie xx See you in 2 weeks!!

  2. Love those sprouts but I'm not fond of the ones you have to eat.

  3. Wonderful cards, so funny xx