Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Saturday crafting in Cumbria

Good afternoon all, 
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
We certainly made use of having the extra day off yesterday 
and we had a family bbq.
I must admit after Hochanda last week and then our  Cumbria workshop on Saturday, I really appreciated 
two days of catching up on some rest.

Considering a couple of our regular ladies were on holiday we still had a full class.

We started with a quick warm up card. 
It was a Christmas card.

Look at these beauties. 

Then we got out our Gel Press Plate and good old Billy Brayer.

Again, just look at the ladies fabulous creations 

We put our Billy clean up card to one side.

                                                                       Then after  tea and cake (Thanks Sheila ) 
we used it to create this. 

Ladies I am so proud of you all.

It is such a pleasure to spend time with you. 

It was a lovely drive home in the sun too, and nice light traffic. 

This morning I have framed my first demo from Thursday too and put it on my craft room wall..
I am so chuffed with it 

And just before I go, 
I want to share this photo with you..

I just adore my little guys.

Take care all. 

It is our Hazel Grove workshops tomorrow. 
See you there ladies 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


  1. Thanks Jo, I intend to have a go if that's OK? LOVE yr framed demo, great reminder of yr 1st TV appearance, and I just adore yr 2 handsome young men... <3 x

  2. Jo do you still come up to Kendal if so is there a list of your workshop somewhere Thanks Janet

    1. Hi Janet, if you click on the Workshop Dates at the top of the page hopefully you will find some info there....xx

  3. Great day Jo. Your framed demo looks fabulous.
    Glad you had some family time over the weekend,the weather was perfect for the bbq.

  4. Wonderful samples Jo. I think your framed picture is perfect
    The boys are so lovely too.
    Stay safe ((hugs)) Chrissie

  5. Wonderful day we had, love your framed picture in your craft room. Such a gorgeous piccie if you two boys xx

  6. Thanks ladies, as always I really appreciate your lovely