Wednesday 30 March 2022

Basil and the Forest Inn

Good morning all from a wet and grey Cheshire. 
I do hope today finds you well. 

I tried to have a catch up with you all last night
but for some reason blogger won’t play….grrr
He won’t publish my post 

So I am back here this morning trying to publish a post without a photo,
He seems to have taken a dislike to my photos !!!!!

I have a catch up YouTube to share with you, 

I have used the new Forest Inn stamp and one of our mice, Basil. 

You can find the link here 

I am holding my breath as I try and publish this 
So if you are reading it…
Yeah I have been successful 

Love and hugs to all 
Jo xxx

Friday 25 March 2022

That Friday Feeling.

Good morning everyone, 
Thanks so much for popping in today. 
I have another busy day as I have my online workshop tomorrow, 
We are going to be looking at alcohol inks and their uses 

I am so glad that the weather is beautiful, as I will be having my craft room window open. 
I am really looking forward to it. 

Today I am sharing one of my samples from todays 
One Day Special on Create and Craft tv. 

I had such fun with these stamps created by Janet Klein. 

Here is a closer look 


I just adore the expression on the cheeky dogs face. 

We all need a reason to smile. 

Take care all 

Have a lovely weekend 

Love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Thursday 24 March 2022

Keep it simple

Good morning everyone. 
What a beautiful day it is today. 
I have just got back from taking Elliot to school. 
He was in such a good mood today and we chatted all the way. 
Really warms my heart. 

Yesterday I went to see my parents, 
My dad is unwell at the moment. 
I know you read this , 
So get well soon dad.
I took Mikey and Fran for a visit too, 
So that was lovely. 

Look what was waiting for me.

A pack of these adorable coaster…
Thanks so much dad.
I will be using one later when I have my brew and very cheeky biscuit. 

Today I am popping in with a recent sample using Lavinia stamps. 

Recently I have been revisiting using graphite pencils to add colour.
I am really enjoying it. 

I started by making a mask , stamping Bayleaf cottage , the garden poppies and 
then gently adding some ink .

Next, after removing the mask, I enjoyed some lovely  time just adding gentle colour. 
Thinking about light and shade. 

Look at the depth that you can get. 

I also added a few ink splats to finish off the while design. 

These stamps will be featured on 
Create and Craft tv tomorrow at 1pm.

Enjoy the rest of your day 
Nearly coffee time here.

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxxx

Tuesday 22 March 2022

New stamps released in 3 days

Good evening all, 
I am back, oh my, 
Twice in one day. 

I have another sample to share with you

I just adore these new stamps. 
This time I have used some MDF as my base. 

This is the front, 

How fabulous are these new Fern stamps? 
They have so many possibilities.

I just know you are going to love them as much as I do. 

Thanks for popping in again.

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxxx

Dancing Mice decorative Tape.

Good afternoon all, 
I do hope today is treating you well. 
It is a beautiful , sunny day here in Cheshire. 
I have been busy with more samples, they are now in the post. 
So that is it until the next lot…
That will be tomorrow , then…
These design teams certainly keep me busy. 

Today I am popping in with another idea , showing you how to use the  new decorative tape in your card making designs. 

You can find the video here 

I do hope you enjoy it. 

Take care all. 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxxx

Monday 21 March 2022

Clipped Botanicals

Good morning everyone, 
I do hope today finds you well. 

I have walked Eric and it is another beautiful morning. 
I am now in my craft room and I have more samples to create today. 
Before I start I thought I would just pop in and share a couple of recent samples with you. 

Both of these samples uses the fabulous new stamp set by Tracy Evans #649

I started with some simple blending 

Then added some water .
You really don’t need to do much with this stamp set. 

Some posca splats and job done. 

Next I wanted to share the same stamp set but a very different look. 

Stamping in black ink and adding some pencil work 

Here is a closer look 

A perfect stamp set for spring cards. 

I must get back to my sample making.
I have another very busy week ahead.

Take care everyone 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Sunday 20 March 2022

Magic And Mischief for a Sunday

Good afternoon all , 
I do hope you are enjoying a lovely relaxing weekend. 
It has been such beautiful weather we have been on lots of lovely walks with Eric and with 
our grandchildren. 
I must admit, I am shattered now, I am ready for a shower, my pj’s 
and a brew. 

Before that I just wanted to pop in and let you know that we have new Lavinia stamps due out this Friday.

Here is a little teaser for you. 

Magical stamps indeed. 

I started with some multifarious card and added some Sky. 

Followed by some land. 
Just simply brushing the ink onto the card. 

Next some stamping…spot these new stamps . 
I added some simple black pen work too. 

I addd some ferns to frame the design and some colour using pencils. 

I wanted to decoupage the top of the  Forest Inn stamp so I stamped it again and added some colour. 
I then cut it out and added some water splats to my card. 
I like to do this at this later stage. 

Some highlights and shadows finished off the whole design. 

Just like a page out of a story book…
I wonder what the next page will be? 

Take care all. 
Pop back soon.

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Friday 18 March 2022

Friday catch up

Good morning everyone, 
How are you today ? 
Thanks so much for popping in.
It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Holmes Chapel. 
I do hope you have some sun this weekend, it really is good for the soul. 
Today I am popping in with some sneak peeks. 

These are for samples that I made on Monday and Tuesday 

Ready for a new One Day Special on Create and Craft tv today and tomorrow. 

They feature new stamps designed by Tracy Evans. 

I had such a great time creating these. 
I even got the old shrink plastic out…

I hope you have a lovely weekend. 
Take care everyone.

Much love and hugs 
From me to you.

Jo xxxx

Thursday 17 March 2022

A sunny morning

Good morning everyone. 
I do hope you are feeling well today. 
I know a couple of you are struggling with health issues at the moment, 
and I just wanted to send you a special hug.
Some love and strength to carry on. 

I have just walked Elliot to school, and it is a cold but beautiful morning. 
So I just took a few minutes out. 

And I walked around my garden 

Just reflecting 

And being at one with nature.

Just wishing peace , 

And contentment 

For everyone 

So good to see my fritillaries are poking through the soil 

It really warms my heart 

To think 3 years ago this was bare earth and a building site. 

Take care everyone 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Tuesday catch up.

Good afternoon all, 
I do hope your week has started well. 
Mine has been a bit hectic, with creating samples.
Honestly, I can hardly see the floor in my craft room. 
I bet you know what that is like though, don’t you ? 

The weather is beautiful today and the garden really is bursting with spring colour. 

The mice have been playing outside today…😂
Enjoying the weather. 
I do love these playful characters.

I also have a catch up video to share with you..
Did you know that Lavinia stamps sell decorative tape…? 
Check it out on the website…
You can find it here 

Look at those designs. 

Here is just one way that you can use it in your card making. 

You can find the video here 

I do hope you can find a few minutes to join me . 
Time to feed and walk Eric.

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon 
Love and hugs 
A special hug to my Dad , who is unwell.
Love you Dad.
Hope you feel better soon..

Jo xxx

Friday 11 March 2022

Hope and Prayers for Ukraine

Good morning everyone, 
I do hope you are keeping well this Friday Morning. 
I must admit I am shattered today. 
After working last weekend, and then all this week plus grandma duties, 
I am starting to feel my age…( older to be honest lol 😂) 

I have an online workshop tomorrow.
We are looking at various ways of adding colour to our stamped images. 
So I am really looking forwards to a relaxing morning colouring in. 

Today I am popping in with some special artwork. 
You see the craft industry are showing our support for the people of Ukraine.
We are creating pieces of art using the colours of their country, and posting them online. 

This is what I created, the sentiment is an old Lavinia one, 
but I felt it was just what I wanted to say. 

I began by adding some ink to my card…and yes, 
You can mix your ink pads up.

Then I addd the Flurry stencil to add some tone on tone touches. 

I wanted my background to be quite subtle. 

Next I added some stamping and the sentiment. 

I cleaned my stencil by spritzing it with water to give my an extra background. 
I love these. 

I stamped the Tree of Courage, because I feel there are so many people who are having to dig deep and find so much courage. 
I also added the word Hope, because I really Hope and Pray that it will all be over soon.
With no more people losing their lives, homes, and family members. 
This is the finished piece. 

Crafters supporting crafters.

I have a piece using stamps from Aall & Create too.

Different artwork but the same message.


I hope you have a lovely weekend. 
Take care everyone 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx