Pyrography or woodburning is the art of burning images into wood, leather, paper or other materials using a heated instrument.

Pyrography has been around for a very long time although it hasn't always been referred to as Pyrography.

The earliest exhibitions of this art form can be found on cave walls and ceilings where our ancient ancestors once lived. These were made by burning the end of a stick of wood and using the blackened part to draw pictures usually to commemorate an important event or a great hunt.

This art form was later used and referred to as pokerwork or woodburning. A poker was heated in a fire and then used to burn a design or pattern. These were mainly done on furniture to give it more decoration. This early form of woodburning was tedious and often the results were not very good.

In the early Victorian age magazines started promoting the art form and when women started using it as a parlor craft as opposed to sewing they renamed it pyrography in order to sell more designs and patterns.

Although it has been around for a very long time, the art form of pyrography has yet to gain great recognition and prestige in the art world.

Here are some examples of things that I have decorated using Pyrography...

There is a photo tutorial for this money box on the home page ...dated Saturday 2nd January 2016.