Monday 1 November 2021

Woodland Whispers

Good morning everyone, 
Welcome to November.
I do hope you had a lovely weekend and that you enjoyed the Hallowganza.
I tried to tune in as much as I could and support my teamies, but I found 
it very difficult.

You see after having Covid a year ago and then the long Covid which took so much of my confidence, I very rarely 
go anywhere. 
I have said no to so many activities, and spend most of my time at home .
It has been hard watching whilst friends go abroad and travel around .
Have meals out and socialising.
My weekly highlight is a trip to the supermarket and the post office. Both of which I wear my mask.
So when I got the opportunity to join in with the Open Day it was a chance for me to feel part of life again 
I could not believe it when I started coughing again on the Sunday , and then got a positive lateral flow test.
Both Karl and myself had positive PCR tests so we have been self isolating since, 
We can’t even walk Eric. 
So we have been putting him on the lead, leaving him in the garden. 
Then Adam comes round , sanitizer in hand and walks him for us. 

We couldn’t join in with the local Halloween festivities, and so last night was another hard time. 
I just try and think that I would be feeling even worse if I haven’t had both my jabs, 
Mind you the red, itchy eyes, and a face full of cold sores are just the icing on the cake. 

Luckily for me I have projects already planned , videos recorded etc for this week 
So I shall keep you all busy 

I know some of you are suffering too, 
So I am going to send you a big hug, and let you know 
That you are not on your own. 

Our new Challenge theme is 
Woodland Whispers

I couldn’t resist using our 2 new lovely fairies, Fip and Pan. 
I think they are whispering to each other…
I wonder what they are saying 

I started with stamping my main images , and then adding the trees. 

Next I added some scenery, and grounded my fairies. 

I added some colour using my watercolour paints, plus some 
Flicks of colour. 

Followed by some highlights using my Zig , Clean Color water based pens. 
I then added some shadows using my chalk pastel pencils, 
It is these details that really do finish off the design and pull it all together. 

To add more balance to the whole design , I stamped some extra foliage at the base of my card.

If you would like to join in with the challenge , you can find all the information on the Lavinia website 
The winner is chosen at random and wins £40 to spend at Lavinia. 

As I have been writing this,,,and today it has  taken  me over an hour…
I have had the most beautiful flowers left at my front door. 

Thanks so much Barbara, 
You have made my day 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxxx


MFM said...

I do hope you feel better soon. You give so much pleasure to us with your blogs and videos, you really don't deserve all the health issues you are suffering. Take care and rest as much as possible.

Lynne Bishop said...

I hope you soon feel better Jo. Such rotten luck getting Covid twice. It was a shame that you had to miss the Lavinia Open Day, maybe next time and hopefully I might get there as well. Sending Hugs. xx

Sue said...

So sorry to read of the dreaded return of Covid. I really hope and pray that your full recovery is both swift and permanent. Take care & thank you for such inspiring designs when you must be feeling so rubbish. Love & hugs, Sue. x

Trisha N said...

Oh Jo I am so sorry you are both suffering like this. Heartfelt wishes for your recoveries. You were and are missed by each and everyone one of us but we know all our priorities are you must look after yourself and get well. Thank you so much for this blog I am just sitting down with my coffee, this blog and my supplies to create with my few new stamps. Love and very best wishes xx