Sunday, 31 October 2021

Halloween Book part 2

Good afternoon everyone 
Thanks so much for popping in
I do hope you are keeping well. 
Unfortunately I am still suffering with this Covid bug , not only the sore throat and cough, 
but sore itchy eyes and cold sores…
Oh I look perfect for Halloween
As both of us have to self isolate we can’t even walk Eric. 
So we are having to leave him in the garden , on his lead, ready for Adam to call around and collect him. 
We have filled in our track and trace details, etc, 
Oh and slept so much. 

I must thank you all for your lovely messages, emails and texts. 
They have really cheered me up. 

Luckily I had prerecorded my YouTube videos

So the Halloween Book part 2 
Can be found here 

I have another 2 videos ready for later in the week too. 

Please look after yourselves 

This little pot in my garden cheers me up 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxxxx

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