Friday 26 November 2021

Friday with Feathered Friends.

Good morning everyone. 
Thanks so much for popping in today. 
As always it is so lovely to have your company. 

I have another busy day today, and I must admit I am getting a bit nervous .
You see I have the first of my online workshop tomorrow .
You may ask…First??? 
Oh yes this is the first time for a different time zone…
So Canada , be prepared.
I just hope my time calculations is correct and we all meet up at the same time..
Wish me luck. 

Today I have another little you tube catch up video to share with you. 

When I asked Bipasha BK for a Cockerel with attitude, this is exactly the sort of design that I was hoping for. 
Thanks so much Bipasha. 

Here is a closer look 

You can find the video 

Have a lovely weekend all. 

Keep well
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

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