Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Poppies by Lamplight

Good morning all, 
Thanks for popping in. 
Another early start today…I have a long list to get through. 
So I thought I would have our catch up early, 
as I don’t want to neglect you. 

I have another catch up video to share with you. 
This one uses the small swing bed stamp from Lavinia. 
It reminds me of a garden lamp.
I do find the stamps so inspiring, my mind just keeps coming up with ideas. 
Here is a closer look. 

You can find the video here 

You tube is being really awkward at the minute and keeps turning my comments off. 
I’m not sure why, but I have made all the changes suggested and it is driving me mad. 
So please be patient with me. 
You know I am a dinosaur with technology.

Here is a design using just one of the Fairy Lamps 
I do hope you like it. 

I have another design using this stamp, a festive design.
Pop back soon to see that one. 

Take care all 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxxx

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