Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Honeysuckle cottage, Pretty In Pink

Good evening everyone, 
Me again. 
I am just popping in for a few minutes,
to let you know that I have made another little catch up video. 

I have used one of the new Elements ink pads, 
Along with some Mica Minerals. 

Lovely sparkle on the card. 
So if you fancy joining me. 
The link is here 

Enjoy your evening 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


  1. Another beautiful card. I have recently discovered your talents on YouTube and am hooked. I'm on to my second stamp order having enjoyed a holiday bonus. I've been cardmaking for over fifteen years but have never tried silhouette stamping before. Your explanations are wonderful and very helpful, I love the 'no pizza's'. If possible I would like to know which way to shade hills above or below, or whether it's all about the sun/moon and how it would create shadows. Also I am having trouble highlighting without going over the top, I do not have a particularly steady hand and a wiggly white line is not good. Thank you very much for all your hard (play) work. Eleanor

    1. Hi Eleanor,
      Lovely to hear from you, with the hills it depends what type of effect and shape you want. You can add the ink from above or from below. When adding highlights I find a chalk pastel pencil or charcoal (white and black ) pencils give a softer finish…I’m not good with gel pens. The best thing is to watch a few YouTube videos and always remember less is more….and start of with a light touch….enjoy xxxx

  2. Pretty card I love the quirky house