Tuesday, 21 September 2021


Good morning everyone, 
I do hope today finds you well. 
Thanks so much for popping in and having a brew with me. 
I hope you had a lovely weekend. Our workshop was really lovely and 
Wow, the ladies created absolute masterpieces. 
I am so proud of them. 

Yesterday I was busy working on some Halloween samples. 
I had such a fabulous day…the time just whizzed.
More about those next month. 

Today I am going to share one of my recent Lavinia samples with you. 

I stared with some ink on my gel press, followed by some brusho powder and water 

The Elements ink pads are great on the gel press as they have a height pigment to water content. 
This means there is less beading. 

When the background was dry , I added some stamping .

Followed by some more ink, blending this time. 

It is amazing the difference that the moon mask makes. 

Next I added some colour to my Chinese lanterns.
I used my watercolour paints. 

Finally some highlights, shade and posca splats. 

Here is a closer look 

Such a magical design, I hope you like it. 

I’m off for a coffee now. 
Karl left early so it is Eric and me for the day. 
The sun is just breaking through the clouds, 
So I may just take my brew into the garden. 
It is still looking lovely and my Passion flower is still flowers.
I’m so pleased that it came back after I thought I had killed it in Spring…

Elliot helped me choose this plant, he calls it my
Tiger Flower 

Enjoy the rest of your day 

Much love and hugs 

Jo xxxx


  1. Absolutely beautiful Jo and your passion flower is stunning, those beautiful flowers always remind me of my mischievous green fingers Grandma who always came away from stately homes with 'cuttings' which had 'fallen' in front of her coming home in her corset for nurturing....Happy memories thank you Jo. Going to try some of the techniques you used on my next day off xx

  2. Beautiful card , thank you
    My mam had a Passion flower growing in her garden years ago, thank you for reminding me of a beautiful memory

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    2. Oh Kath, I am so pleased that you have such wonderful memories,,,hugs xxx

  3. beautiful card as every,could you please tell me what sort of posca pen you use as there are so many,i would like to use it for splatters thankyou


    1. Jo Rice22 September 2021 at 15:13
      valerie , the one I use for splatters is the PC-5m bullet shaped nib
      Have fun xxx

  4. Fabulous Jo. Need to get my gel press out again. Been very busy time here, grandchild number 7 arrived at the weekend. xx