Monday 23 October 2023

Monday again

Hi everyone, 
thanks so much for popping in. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend.
We had a wonderful time in the Scottish Borders, 
The workshop went really well, so lovely to spend the day with crafty friends. 

Great to see James and Emma again too…
Thanks Emma for the yummy soup and cakes…

Must admit though I had forgotten how cold it could be overnight 
We definitely needed bed socks 

The weather this morning was gorgeous and we had a lovely drive home,
Eric enjoyed every minute. 

We have unpacked, and Eric is now snoring away in his bed. 

As it is Monday , I have a little video to share with you…

I absolutely loved making these cards , 

and will definitely be making more.

You can find the video here 


Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

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