Thursday 3 March 2022

Bella Amongst The Orange Hues.

Good morning everyone, from a wet and grey Cheshire. 
I do believe that today is World Book Day. 
Well I hope so as I have taken a 
Hungry Caterpillar to nursery 
and Spider-Man to school. 
( and yes we walked , it was such fun ) 

Today is also the start of the 4 day Lavinia Extravaganza.

My first video has gone live and you can find it on YouTube. 

Tracey, the design team and all at Lavinia HQ have worked really hard to bring this 
event to you so I really hope you enjoy it. 
Here I have used one of the fabulous Scene scape backgrounds 
You can watch the demo here 

I am setting off tomorrow to head for Ruthin, but with Karls car 
still in the garage he is having to come with me and drive my car back as he 
needs it for work this weekend. 
I just hope he remembers to come and pick me up on Monday morning. !!!!

I am really looking forwards to seeing everyone, 
although you know me…
I am nervous too
I just hope Tracey has a brew and cheeky biscuit waiting for me…☕️🍪

The new stamps are available on the website now and I have used Noof to create a little gift for Tracey, 

I do hope she likes it.

I had better get on. 
Still lots to do before I go.
I will try and take some photos over the weekend to share with you. 

Take care all. 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxxx


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