Thursday, 28 October 2021

Lavinia Hallowganza

Good morning all, 
I do hope today finds you well. 
I’m afraid I am feeling a bit sorry for myself today. 
My throat, breathing etc got worse yesterday so I did another Lateral flow test 
This one was positive. 
So I did another one, 
Grrr positive again. 
Not only do I feel rough, but I am so upset about not going to the Lavinia open day 
I was really looking forward to catching up with Tracey and the gang. 
I have my costume at the ready, 
Some trick or treat sweets..
Oh, I just cried and cried. 

Both Karl and I have been for a PCR text this morning .
I wouldn’t mind but I have had both jabs, and wear a mask when I go to the supermarket 

So please do me a favour and if you are lucky enough to be able to go, 
Please say hi from me,,.
Have a fabulous time 
The Lavinia shop is such a magical place, 
Embrace it all. 
If like me you are unable to go…
Well we will just have to watch the events online and be part of it that way. 

Tracey and the gang have worked so hard to create this event. 
My first video is Part 1 of my little book of magic.
Thank goodness I recorded this a few weeks ago..(when I could speak )

I do hope you enjoy it 
You can find it here 

Sending much love and hugs to you all 

Jo xxxx


gwen70 said...

Loved the video Jo. so sorry you aren't well xx

Lynne Bishop said...

Sending you lots of healing hugs Jo.What rotten luck. Hope you soon feel better. Will watch your video later, you have given me so much inspiration lately. X ❤️

MFM said...

You must be gutted missing all the fun.
Take care of yourself and get well soon
Hugs xx

Bev Karolak said...

So sorry that you’re not feeling well again. Take care of yourself and thanks so much for sharing your video. They brighten up my day! 🥰

Unknown said...

Oh sorry you're poorly again. I feel your disappointment at missing the Hallaganza. Thinking of you and sending get well wishes. Xxxx