Monday, 27 April 2020

Monday, so it must be Lavinia homework.

Good morning everyone, 
I do hope this Monday morning finds you well. 
I was up at 7am, I have walked Eric , and then walked to the post office. 
So now I am back home, 
Catching up with you and then it will be coffee time.
Probably not in the garden today though. 
It is quite cloudy and chilly outside. 

As it is Monday , I have Lavinia homework for you. 
I post this every Monday in the 
Lavinia For You group.

This week I thought we would create a Clean And Simple design. 
Using minimal products. 

I have made a YouTube video if you fancy having a look 

I started by using Billy and adding some ink into the middle of my piece of card. 
Just add the ink to the middle part of the Brayer 

Next , I loaded Billy up again this time with a darker coloured ink. 
I then rolled him across a piece of bubble wrap. 
This picks up the pattern. 

So that when you roll the Brayer down your card , the pattern appears. 
Obviously I didn’t waste the ink on the bubble wrap, I stamped this on another background. 

I added some water splats for extra detail 

Followed by some stamping and adding the moon, 

Also adding some grass under the trees. 
I love to use a white charcoal pencil to add depth to the moon, and a misty feel to the sky. 
I do think these little details are so important, 

Here is a close up 

I added some of the darker ink to my mat, with some water so that I could add a few splats of colour, 
Just to bring the whole design together, 
It is so important to know when to stop with these designs. 
So a black Sharpie line and then job done.
Walk away. 

Well actually no, 
I made another one to show you how it would look in blues 

I love how the blue one turned out, 
Think about under water scenes, , snowy scenes...etc 

I have so many ideas...

Must have my coffee first..

Thanks for spending some time with me today, 
It really means so much 

Take care, 
Stay safe 
Love and hugs 
Jo xxxx


  1. That's lovely Jo. I think I will have a go at this today. I have been busy with washing this morning as its lovely and sunny here! Enjoy your day x

  2. Fantastic Jo, love them both.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. Lovely samples. Not sure which I like the best.
    Thanks for blogging.

  4. Brilliant, thanks Jo, its good to know we can create beautiful pieces without a whole craft room of stuff ;-)

  5. I love the simplicity of these. Just beautiful.