Monday 20 April 2020

Monday morning homework

Good morning all, 
I hope you had a lovely weekend , and that Monday finds you well. 
As it is Monday , 
It is the day that I give the ladies on the Lavinia page some homework. 
This week, I thought our homework , 
Would be to create a wreath card. 
Now you know I have a bit of a thing about wreath ( Garland ) cards. 
Here is some inspiration for you .

I have a photo tutorial for you too,,,

I do love looking at my stamps and using different ones to create a different look to my wreath, 
I always start at the top, and turn the card 
That way you will always stamp the same stamp and in the same direction. 

Turn the card and stamp until all four sides have been stamped. 

The next stage is to stamp in the gaps, this is the part where many Crafters can go wrong, 
Angle the stamp and keep an eye on the overall shape of the wreath. 
So that you achieve something like this. 

Next add some other leaves, berries etc...

I do love the way that this build up, 

I just love the way that this bright green adds another dimension to the design. 

You could leave the borders white for a crisp and clean look, but I decided to add some more ink blending and a little stamping. 

I added a black Sharpie line around the edge to frame the design , followed by a little stamping in 
black ink to make the whole design more cohesive.

Pipin wanted to join in, so I added him too, 

 I had so much fun creating this. 
I do hope that you have a go at creating one. 

Thanks to all the lovely Crafters who joined me on Saturday for our online class 
It was just amazing , I really can’t thank you enough. 
Next one in a couple of weeks, 

This is what we created 

If anyone would like a workshop kit, 
The border stamp, card and envelope, all for £12 and posted free in the UK, 
Just drop me an email, 

Take care everyone. 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

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Cobnut Crafter said...

I love your wreath project and all the little worker stamps you have used. You have inspired me to dig out some of mine and have a play! x