Sunday 12 April 2020

Happy Easter

Good afternoon all, 
I hope you are having a lovely day .

Happy and Healthy Easter to each and every one. 

These are some Easter chicks that have just hatched out in a box on 
my Mum and Dads radiator.
You see the Mum abandoned the nest , so my Mum had to take over...
And no, she didn’t sit on them !!!!

They have 3 healthy little chicks under an infra red lamp...
How cute. 

Today I am going to share some homework with you. 
Next weekend it would have been our Cumbria Spring retreat.
Obviously this has been cancelled , so I am giving the Crafters some homework. 
One of the stamps that we were going to use is the Passion flower stamp from Aall and Create. 
I am so lucky that my lovely friend Tracy drew this for me,, thanks so much Tracy.

It has a special significance, look. 

Passion flower Passiflora – History

Flos passionis

The history of Passiflora or ‘Passion flower’ (Flos passionis) is fascinating and unique. It acquired its name from descriptions of its flower parts supplied in the Seventeenth Century by Spanish priests in South America, known at that time as the ‘New Spain’. It was known by the Spanish as “La Flor de las cinco Llagas” or the ‘The Flower With The Five Wounds.’ ‘Passionis’ refers to (Christ’s) suffering. The parts were interpreted from drawings and dried plants by Giacomo Bosio, a churchman and historian, in Rome (1609), as representing various elements of the Crucifixion.


The five petals and five sepals are the ten disciples less Judas & Peter. The corona filaments are the crown of thorns. The five stamen with anthers match the five sacred wounds & the three stigma the nails. This symbolism is not universal however, in Japan it is sometimes known as ‘The Clock-faced Plant’. 

I started by stamping on card using a black VersaFine ink pad 

Next I added the sentiment, I gently shaped the stamp, remember you can easily do this . 

Next , I added some background colour, using distress oxide ink and water onto my mat. 
I then used a piece of acetate to smoosh it onto my card. 
This way , I could see exactly where I needed to add the colour. 

I used two colours, and then added extra colour to the flowers. 

I used Inktense pencils 

Next I added some texture, using Flower Pollen. 
This is a lovely product from Britannia Dies, it is like a fine powder, comes in a variety of colours  and I used glossy accents to attach it. 

When dry it really gives lovely texture to a project. 
(Cumbria ladies, you had a pot in your goody bag  ) 

I love finding new products to play with. 

So I will love you and leave you for today. 
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Take care , stay safe, and keep in touch. 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


Angie said...

Love this project and the history behind the passion flower, I had no idea. Well done your Mum for hatching the chicks and caring for them, an Easter miracle. Take care Jo and thank you for this lovely blog xx

PJ said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing. ~Pamela