Thursday 6 February 2020

Flying Owls.

Good afternoon everyone. 
How are you today ? 
I must admit, I am a little tired.
Karl had to be up at 5am , he has driven to Edinburgh to fix a machine up there. 
Poor thing he will be shattered when he eventually gets home late tonight. 
Oh , and I thought life was suppose to get easier ...

I hope you managed to watch Tracy Evans with her new release stamps. 
I am so excited as I have a very large box of them, ready for my workshops. 

Today I am going to share another one of my samples with you .
I made this one with my Mum , in mind.
She will understand why...
(Haha Mum , your secret is out , 
You see, my boys call her Granny witch of the north !!! ) 

Sometimes, I like to make designs, 
Just for fun. 

I started by adding some ink to my stencil, spritzing it’s with water and then applying it to my card. 
Clouds, I thought 

Then I created a landscape, 
Clever use of the stencil, don't you think . 

After matting and layering, 
I stamped the owls and the paintbrush. 
I added some colour, and some highlights. 
Then cut them out. 

Next, I added them to my design. 

I thought the sentiment went really well. 

So who do you think the owls are? 

They are certainly having fun on their broomstick...or
Well anything is possible in art.

Oh dear, my mind. 
It is so strange at times. 

Fly height today and have fun

Take care all
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


Lorna said...

Love this Jo, absolutely inspired! Xx

Susan said...

Jo, this was my favorite sample on the show! Well done. You have quite a sense of humor- the little owls look so lifelike ! Great coloring. Humm, what names, Gin and Tonic!

Susan said...

Jo, what brand of pencils did you use? Thanks