Monday 17 February 2020

Saturday and the storm.

Good evening all. 
I do hope that you had a lovely weekend.
Did you get caught out with the bad weather ? 
The journey up to Carnforth on Saturday morning was ok , but 
the journey home was another matter. 

It was such a lovely class .

Unfortunately we had quite a few cancellations at the last minute, due to ill health or family difficulties.
Plus the pesky storm .

We still managed to have a wonderful day, 
We had lovely hot soup for lunch and there was plenty of coffee and cake. 

The ladies made the most amazing projects.

I didn’t get time to photograph them all. 

But here are some 

I do love the way that by changing the colour it can change the whole feel of a design. 

They all just need the finishing touches, 
The pencil, note  pad and the little tape measure. 
I really enjoyed making the tape measure 

Thank you Sharon for inviting me to teach for you. 
When I got home, 
our two little visitors were just eating their tea. 
So it was straight into Grandma mode. 
Food, bath, bottle then bed. 
Elliot and Jenson, that is, not me. 

Jenson woke up at 3am for cuddles , bless him. 
I was so pleased when he went back to sleep and I could get back into bed at 4-30am. 
It was soon 7-30am and the boys were awake, oh and ready to play.

We had football training and yes, 
Grandma and Grandad did join in. 
I can tell you that by 3pm when the boys had gone home, we had walked Eric and I 
had caught up with some ironing, we were both shattered. 
We certainly had a early night last night. 

Karl was up at 5am today as he has been in Glasgow for the day, so I got up 
early and got some samples made. 
They have been posted and are ready for the shows on HOCHANDA this Wednesday and Thursday.
My boss man Abs and Leonie , will be creating havoc together. 

A few sneak peeks for you. 

I am off now for a shower, and then a nice hot chocolate. 
I think that I deserve it. 

Take care all. 
And if you are under the weather.
I hope you feel better soon 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


Saintly Lisa said...

Such a fabulous project on Saturday Jo, and glad you managed to get home in time for grandma duties xx

StephW said...

Your crafting ladies' creations are wonderful, glad you all had a good day despite the weather x

MFM said...

Great projects. The weather is certainly causing lots of people problems. Glad you got home safely.

Gibmiss said...

Stunning cards Jo...sounds like you had a fabulous day...
Hugs Sylvie x