Monday, 9 September 2019

Lovely Saturday in Carnforth.

Good afternoon all, 
I do hope your week has started well 
On Saturday I had the pleasure of teaching an 
Aall & Create workshop for 
Sharon of Rowan Tree Crafts.

I designed a little Gardening Book / Journal. 
Now I have to say that the inspiration for this came from the very talented Anne Redfern.
Thanks lovely lady for letting me use and alter your project. 

This is us all at the end of the day. 
We even had some sun too. 

We used stamps by Tracy Evans and a selection of various stencils. 
Even Billy Brayer came out to play again. 

We made the book from scratch and decorated it , inside and out. 

It was so good to see how everyone used different colours and how wonderful they all looked. 

Thank you ladies, you really made my day, 
Such wonderful projects. 
It was Babs Birthday too, so we had cake and all sang to her.

It was such a lovely day, and I drove home on cloud 9.

This soon became my worst nightmare when on Sunday morning we 
were walking Eric round the park and he suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing. 
Nothing that Karl or me did would bring him back, 
Luckily a kind lady heard my screams and ran to our aid. 
She managed to revive him and he is at the vets as I catch up with you. 
The shock was just horrific, 
He was running one minute , and on the grass motionless the next. 

It is frightening how life can change literally in a heart beat. 

I am wandering round the house like a lost lamb today
I have so much to do, but my mind just won’t let me get on with it. 

Maybe some tidying up in my craft room, 
That is always good for the soul..

Thanks everyone for joining me today, 
It means so much .

Love and hugs 
Jo xxx


  1. Oh my what an awful thing to happen, keeping everything crossed for Eric xxx

    P's. Lovely artwork everyone

  2. So pleased the class went so well, and thank you for your lovely mention! I am so very sorry about Eric though, it must have been such a horrible shock for you - I really do hope that he recovers well and is back home where he belongs soon. Big hugs, Anne xxx