Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Part 2.

Hi, me again, 

So as soon as I had finished my card, 
I needed to start another, 
because I had an idea...

So I inked up Billy again, added some Brusho liquid from my little cups, 
and made another gel print. 

I just love watching the ink, water, combo and how it moves. 

Love this one, 

This is the waste from cleaning Billy, I am keeping this for when I need a quick background. 

This is what I stamped, 
I just had to put Mr Crow in the bubble, 

Now I’m not  sure if the children have captured him, or they have come to feed him,
What do you think ? 

Oh, and, have you noticed the cobwebs? 

The foliage stamp is just perfect to add cobwebs too.

After a dark start to the day, we now have some sun. 
I must go and feed the dogs, time for their afternoon walk. 

Thanks for joining me today 
and yes MUM, two blog
I may need a lie down later...

Take care all
Much love and hugs 

Jo, xxx


  1. This card is amazing I wish I could come up with something like this mine are all too simplistic. I just love your work. Thankyou for taking the time to share.

    1. Thank you Frances, I am sure your designs are wonderful, and I am just very grateful that ladies like you read my blog and I hope find it useful....hugs. Xxx

  2. Another gorgeous card Jo, love it

  3. Beautiful again, those children have definitely caught the raven, they are tying a ribbon around the globe as a present. Lovely background with the tree stamp. XX

    1. I love your interpretation Donna, maybe we could make a story book,,,,
      Now there is a thought . Have a wonderful Thursday,,,nearly weekend xxx