Saturday, 16 March 2019

Fun with paint.

Good evening all and thanks for popping in. 
I am sat here this Saturday evening with a cup of tea and thought I would have a catch up with friends. 
Karl and Adam are in the lounge watching some football on tv. 
We have had a lovely relaxing day today, it is so nice to have the odd Saturday at home. 
We both have a very busy couple of months ahead, 
so we decided to have a weekend off.
We even went and stayed in a hotel last night, and Adam looked after the dogs for us. 
It was just what we both needed, 
I loved every minute of it. 

Before we left I had a play.
Something a bit different than my usual. 

I started with some paint and Billy Brayer 

Next came the stencil, I love this one it is from AALL & Create 

Love this border stamp too,

Then some splats...

I do love this background, 

In fact , I was quite tempted to just keep it like this. 

But, I have a new stamp, and I wanted to play with it. 
I added some colour, and attached it to my background.

Some white splats and highlights, 
Just to finish off the design. 

I love those words 
In her own skin.
We all should be so happy and proud of just being us , 
and be happy in our own skin. 

So that is the thought that I want to leave you with tonight 
Be happy 
In your own skin
Be happy 
Just be you.
I love you, just as you are.

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


  1. A lovely post Jo with a lovely sentiment to underline it. I do like the different style you get from AALL&create stamps and stencils, they make a good contrast to all the other good companies you favour.
    Barbara xx

    1. Thanks Barbara, I do think we have such a great choice of products from amazing companies. See you next weekend Jo xxx

  2. Its a fabulous card Jo. I love how it's all come together. You are a real inspiration.
    Nice to have a weekend off if you're going to be busy. April/May is always busy for us too. Enjoy what is left of Sunday. I just hope it is as sunny there in Cheshire. Sunny but still a little chilly
    Keep well, Keep safe
    ((hugs)) xx

    1. So glad you like it Chrissie, and yes a day of sun, showers and hailstones here. Take care xxxx

  3. I just love this and you always explain things so thoroughly. Thank you.

    1. I am so pleased that you love this Frances, and thank you for reading my little blog...xx

  4. OOOOOOO Love that stencil so will have to keep a look out for it. Glad you had a good weekend away and seeing friends. XX

    1. Thanks Donna, hope you had a good weekend