Sunday, 3 January 2021

Such a talented bunch part 1

Good afternoon all, 
I hope you have had a lovely weekend and 
that the new year has started well for you. 

Every year I share with you some of the amazing Christmas cards that 
I have been sent. 
Well this year, 
I have been so spoilt 
With the most amazing collection of fabulous cards. 

This one is very special and was created by little Millie who lives next door, 
She is only 3 (but I have already had a chat about classes lol ) 

This one too, had the most beautiful message in it , 
It made me cry.
Thank you to all the amazing workshop ladies who contributed to the gift and cheque (£650 wow ) 
I am so humbled and grateful..
I have bought some new storage for my craft room with some of it and I think 
I will buy something nice for my garden with the rest .
Thank you once again. 

And here are some more 

Like I say, such a talented group of crafters. 
Pop back tomorrow to see some more photos. 

I am off now to walk Eric, 
He has just woken up.
Bless him 

He is going white, over his back , we don’t know why, 
He is only 6 
The vet doesn’t know either.
I blame lockdown 

Take care everyone 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


gwen70 said...

Beautiful cards Jo to receive. You are worth every penny collected for you. Glad you have bought something for your craft room. Take care. Hugs xx

Lizzybea said...

Thank you so much for your inspiration and support during this difficult time. Glad you have spent your gift wisely it is well deserved.

Claire said...

Oh fabulous lovely cards. Oh poor Eric, that is strange, did man-u lose alot over lockdown?

Redanne said...

Beautiful cards Jo. I know I have not been in the group for long but I truly appreciate all you do for everyone and I feel honoured to be one of your friends.

Eric is not daft, he knows that grey/white streaks make men look very distinguished! Please give him a hug for me... Hugs, Anne xxx