Monday, 11 January 2021


Good afternoon all, 
I hope this week has started well for you. 
Here it is, Monday again. 

Another dark, grey and cold day...
So lots of hot coffee here , plus some hot soup too. 

Today I am sharing a recent Aall & Create sample with you. 
I knew I wanted to create a stylish, simple design but I wanted it to have impact too. 

As soon as I saw the cotton reel and the mannequin, 
I just knew that they had to go together. 

I began by stamping and masking the cotton reel 

Next I added some colour 

Followed with some shading and some highlights 

Some extra splatters, and as you know I love to carry these onto the matts and layers. 

Sometimes we just don’t need lots of colour...
I really enjoyed creating this. 
I think that grey is such an underrated colour. 
Why not have a play with grey tones 

Must go, 
Workshop planning to do 

Take care all 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


  1. Oooo lovely so stylish loves your delicate use of the shades of grey 😍xx

  2. Lovely card Jo .......
    Hope you are ok ....
    my arm aches a bit today.....but other wise all good ...lovely and sunny ...
    Hugs Sylvie xx