Monday, 17 June 2019

Landscapes in Cumbria.

Good afternoon all. 
Hope you are keeping well. 
Well what a couple of days we have had. 
It all started on Friday evening when my brother phoned me to say 
that our Mum had fallen in the garden, hit her head on concrete, and was on her way to hospital in an ambulance.
Karl and me were on our way to the airport to pick up my nephew. 
We eventually got to be just after midnight. 
I was up at 6am to drive to Cumbria for our workshop. 
The news on my Mum was that she was on a ward being assessed, after having a CT and MRI scan. 
I did my best to stay calm, run the workshop and teach as much as I could. 
This was madeeasier by the crafter being so lovely, caring and such good friends. 
Thanks ladies. 
We used a couple of lovely stamp sets from Hobby Art 

We started with a quick warm up card 

Look at these, fabulous cards everyone.

Next we stamped a scene, and then spent time relaxing and watercolour painting. 

Stunning cards by everyone 

After lunch , we created a dl card. 

I do love this shape of card, and great for men. 

After tea and cake (Thanks Sheila ) we created a tag . 

These stamp sets work so well together. 
It was such a lovely day , and great to welcome a couple of new ladies. 
By the time I got home the news was a bit better and my Mum was sitting up in her bed and didn’t need as much oxygen. 
Bless her, they finally let her go home last night.
I have just had a lovely chat with her on the phone. 
Oh my, I was so worried. 

Take care all 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


  1. Glad your mum has been able to go home Jo, such a worrying time. We had a fabulous day and made some great cards. xx

  2. So good to hear that your mum is improving Jo - you did so well to carry on with the workshop . You are always so well prepared and organised and this shows in what we learn at our lovely classes. Take care, hope your mum and Jenson continue to improve. Xxx

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