Thursday, 28 February 2019

Wonderful Wednesday

Good morning all, 
I hope your week is going well. 
I must say it is all go here, 
with lots going on in the craft room , and lots of plans being made .
Will let you know all about them soon. 

Yesterday it was our regular Hazel Grove Classes, 
and as always we had a giggle...
and for once I really can’t put on here what happened ...
but Marjorie , you are such a star....
Thanks to Julie who made the morning ladies very happy with 
Rocky road cake...and wow it was so good. 
Also Sue who treated me to mini Orange Smartie eggs...yummy 
I really am so lucky ...

We used some fabulous stamps from Lavinia Stamps. I do love the quality 
of these stamps and the hand drawn detail is just amazing. 

I love to make clean and simple backgrounds (as you know ) 
and I do love the way this one has turned out. 

It makes a great man’s card when used with the trees. 

Thanks for all your good wishes , 
Jenson is doing well. 
Sleeping like a baby .

And off course 
Elliot is just fabulous as always. 

I must go, 
I am phoning a friend at 10am, 
Angela, hope you are ready ...
It is good to have a proper catch up...don’t you think, 

Take care everyone 

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


  1. Gorgeous cards Jo, love the middle one especially. Nice to see piccies of Jensen and Elliot

  2. Plans?? Sounds interesting Jo :) Gorgeous cards. So pleased you had a good day xx

  3. Love these cards. Colours are beautiful

  4. Beautiful cards- and yes it was fab catching up xxx

  5. Thank you so much hug...xx