Monday, 4 February 2019

Groovi Saturday

Good afternoon all, 
I hope you had a lovely weekend, and that Monday is 
treating you well. 
On Saturday we had our monthly Groovi workshop. 
The weather was much improved and we all made the journey safely. 
We had an extra pair of hands to make our morning coffee as Mikey 
had a lift into Heald Green . 
You see he is still on Jury Service , but he is loosing money on his wage. 
So he is working at Gusto in Didsbury on Saturday and Sunday to try and make up the difference. 
Unfortunately the trains are on strike on a Saturday so it makes the journey very difficult .
He even helped with the church coffee morning, bless him . 

We used the fabulous Queen plates,
and the ladies loved them . 
They are so versatile. 

You can go full on frame, 

Or just a simple border 

Or maybe something in between 

I did love creating this card. 
As you know I love to come up with something just a bit different. 

It was such a great day , we had such a laugh, 
What a fabulous group of ladies 
(We did miss you though Freda and Christine hope you are enjoying your holidays ) 

It is so good to see everyone so pleased with what they are creating..

When I got home, we had visitors...
and a certain little man had a sleep over. 
I just adore this little man, and he makes us smile so much.
It is great to see him interact with the dogs too...
We all went for a long walk on Sunday morning , 
and Eric had great fun chasing bubbles from Elliot’s bubble machine 

His brother is due this week, although I feel he may be a late arrival. 
I will keep you posted. 
Grandma has been shopping already .
Must go out now and fill up the bird feeders. 
They have been really hungry this weekend 
and all the feeders are empty. 
The nuthatch was knocking on the window before, 
I think he was trying to tell me something ...

Take care all 
Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx



  1. What beautiful cards Jo, love them all xx

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  3. Really lovely cards Jo. I do love what you can do with the groovi plates. I also love the photo of you with Elliot. It's really lovely. You'll soon have one in your arms too & that will keep you really busy. I hope all goes well with Fran & the baby & I look forward to seeing photos of him too. Keep safe ((hugs)) xx

  4. Thank you so much Chrissie and Gwen...xxxx