Monday, 18 February 2019

Wall Art

Good evening everyone, 
Hope your week has started well. 
I am suffering with my back again, it is all this furniture moving, 
and more tomorrow. 
We are hiring a van to take the last load from Nottingham to Didsbury. 
Mikey and Frans new apartment is fabulous and they are so excited about moving in. 
So I decided to make a piece of art for their hall way. 
We have framed some photographs for them ,as a surprise , 
but I wanted to make something  special. 

This is what I made 
Hope you like it 

Really hope Mikey and Fran like it too 

I found this frame in the reduced box in my local shop 

I cut three pieces of card 

Then I added some paint using Mr Billy Brayer ( he needed to come out and play ) 

Next I added some blue paint splatters. 

When dry , I added some stamping using this 
fabulous border stamp from AALL & Create.

Next came some grunge paste through a stencil. 
Again this is from AALL & Create. 

On separate card I stamped , added some colour and cut out my designs. 

I matted and layered my backgrounds , 
and then added the focal pieces, using some twine, and mess to add texture. 

To finish off, I added some white highlights with my Sharpie pen, and then assembled the frame. 

I am so pleased with the way this has turned out, 

Here is a closer look 

At each piece 

Such beautiful stamp designs. 

I am looking forwards to seeing this hanging on the wall. 

Have you mounted any of your work? 
It is such a rewarding thing to do.
Must go, still lots to do this evening, and an early start tomorrow. 

Take care all 

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


  1. Beautiful art work Jo, I do have a few little stands that I use in the craft room for work that I like but I haven't framed anything yet. Would have to say if my work looked like yours I'd frame everything!! XX

    1. Bless you Donna, that is so kind of you, but I am sure your creations are wonderful and I would love to see you frame some,,big hugs...xxxx

  2. Absolutely beautiful, a cherished gift xx