Friday, 8 February 2019


Good afternoon everyone , 
hope Friday is treating you well 
and that you have something nice planned for your weekend.
We are hopefully going to see our latest addition tomorrow. 

Jenson Rice was born at 9-55pm yesterday 
(Check out his initials !!! ❤️) 
By c section , he weighed in at 8lb 2oz and is doing really well. 
This was him at 5minutes old,
Bless him .

Today’s photo. 
I can’t wait to see what Elliot thinks about him, 
I know he is going to make a fabulous big brother .
Just has Adam has been to Mikey. 
It fills my heart with pride when I see how well they get on 
and they have each other’s backs...

Loyalty is so important , don’t you think ? 

I can see I am going to need more granny naps. lol.

Although , not as many as Tess and Eric have ..

Take care everyone, and see you next week .

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


  1. Huge congratulations Jo, to you and your family, on your adorable new addition, he really is a little beauty - and such a good weight, to give him a good start. Tess and Eric are adorable too! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. Oh how lovely! Hope you enjoy your first cuddles, I think Tess and Eric are just resting up before the excitement of first visits! XX

  3. Congratulations Jo, I think he has a look of Elliot about him. Enjoy your cuddles xx

  4. Jenson just looks wonderful. I can just imagine that new baby smell. Hope mum is doing well too. Big hugs rachel xx

  5. Congratulations to the happy parents & grandparents! He is gorgeous & has a lovely mop of hair :) I hope Danielle is well and not in too much discomfort etc. ((HUGS)) xx

  6. Thank you ladies, Mummy, Daddy, Big Brother and Jenson are all doing well , out of hospital and happy... hugs...xxxxx