Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Dates for your Diaries

Good morning everyone, 
I do hope today finds you well. 
What are you getting up too? 
I am in my craft room catching up with magazine commissions. 
Karl left early so I have walked Eric and have a brew at my side. 

Have you seen the latest craze that is sweeping across the craft world
Polaroid images.

I remember these cameras , the way they gave us instant photos. 
My Mum and Dad had one, and we borrowed it when our children were born…
Do you remember them ? 

They are a great way to get Mr MoJo back (if he has gone on holiday ) 
So if you fancy joining in and having a fun morning we are going to create some in a workshop on Saturday 22nd January.
This will be live at 11am and available as catch up anytime after. 
If you would like any more information just drop me an email
The designs look fabulous on cards, in mini books or in a journal. 

Also Lavinia are holding 3 events this year and I am so chuffed to be demonstrating at all of them 

I was so upset to miss the last event due to that dreaded Covid , so I am definitely going 
to make up for it this year 

Thanks so much for popping in 

Take care all 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxxx


  1. What a fun idea Jo … though I had to smile … did you know Polaroids were in the news recently due to the TV programme “A Very British Scandal” and The Headless Man??🤣🤣

    I’m looking forward very much to the 3 events .. depending on what the pandemic is doing I would love to visit the shop for 1 of them as I have never been but live about a 1 hour drive away .. so now I’m getting into Laviniavit would be rude not to! If I do manage that it will be lovely to see you demonstrating x

  2. I would love to visit one of the events, fingers crossed but if not will follow online. Polaroid cameras were quite popular but we never had one. Wish we had mobile phones when our kids were young, so easy to take a snap these days. By the time we had found the camera and set it ready the moment had passed. Looking forward to the workshop, always very good. xx

  3. I do remember Polaroids and being mesmerised by them but also disappointed with some results🤣