Thursday 12 August 2021

Adorable Creatures

Good morning everyone, 
It is a lovely sunny start to the day here in Holmes Chapel. 
I have just got back from the post office. 
I have posted some samples ready for the shows this weekend on 
The Craft Store. 
We have more fabulous designs by Janet Klein 
For this sample I just mixed and matched my little friends. 

I do love to do this. 
The idea of animals standing on each other is not a new design. 
It has been around for years. 
(I bet the dinosaurs were the first to do it. )
I just love the expressions on their faces. 

I started by stamping the rocks  at the bottom of the card. 
I stamped all my creatures and I added colour using my watercolour paints. 
I really wanted this piece to be a bright and cheerful piece. 

It was great fun deciding who was going to stand on who…!!!

The poor giraffe at the bottom,,,look at his face 

I hope it makes you smile. 

Take care 
and pop back soon 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

1 comment:

Redanne said...

Jo, this is just fabulous! I love all of the characters but the expression on the face of the frog is just hilarious! A brilliant card my friend! Hugs, Anne xxx