Thursday, 16 January 2020

Workshop fun

Good morning everyone, hope you are feeling positive this morning. 
I am sure spring is on its way. 

Yesterday it was our first workshop of the year. 
Oh I was so nervous, I couldn’t sleep on Tuesday night.
What am I like ????
Anyway, it was a lovely day and we had some play creating backgrounds. 
We then used some Lavinia stamps to build up the final results. 
We had 4 new ladies join us so that was really nice, and 
fingers crossed they are coming back too. 

We created this background using Billy Brayer, well he needed a trip out. 

This was my demo piece 

Not quite finished yet,  but I will do that later today . 

This one uses the ink on acrylic  block technique to make the background. 
Great for quick cards, 
Also a great technique to get  your mojo back after Christmas. 

Just a reminder that I have a little You Tube channel, 
Where when time permits I upload some little videos. 
They are all made with just one take, in my little craft room. 
So it is warts and all !!!! As it were 

Enjoy the rest of your day 

Much love and hug
Jo xxx

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