Friday, 31 January 2020

Evening all.

Good evening all, 
I hope you have had a lovely day .
I have been to the craft show at Event City, 
What a wonderful day, although not as many PaperCraft  stands, it was the lovely people 
who made my day.
Plenty of room to walk around, have a look and spend time watching fabulous demonstrations.
Meet up with friends, and make new ones. 
I even came back with 3 bags of goodies. 

So just before I cook our meal I thought I would have a catch up with you. 
On Wednesday it was our regular 
Hazel Grove class,  where we continued with our theme of making backgrounds. 

Our first card was a simple background using ink and stencil brushes. 
Then adding some lovely Lavinia stamps. 

I just adore Pipin, the little bunny. 

Our second card used inks and blending tools. 

Plus some homemade Washi tape.

Just for you, Agnes, here is how we created it. 

Low tack tape on a craft mat.

Add some ink. 

Followed by some stamping 

And you have created your own coordinating washi tape. 

I hope you have a go, it is great fun...

Have a wonderful weekend, 
Time to go and cook some noodles. 

Much love and hugs 
Catch you tomorrow, 

Jo xxx


  1. Love the backgrounds and pipin. Thanks for showing homemade washi tape, a great idea.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Beautiful cards Jo
    Glad you enjoyed your day