Sunday 28 April 2019

Lavinia stamps in Cumbria

Good afternoon all, I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Karl has gone to watch football, Jenson has gone home, so I am 
catching up with my ‘to do list’.
So I have a lovely cup of tea, and I thought we could have a catch up. 
Yesterday it was an early start for me, as it was our Cumbria workshop. 
I have to say the weather and the driving conditions on the motorway were horrible. 

It was great to see everyone and welcome a new lady to our group. 
We started with a lovely little warm up card. 

Then it was time to get the gel press plate and Billy Brayer out.

Plus some Brusho powders, and the petite gel press plates. These really are so wonderful to use. 

These Lavinia stamps just go perfectly with this technique. 

Look what the ladies and Peter made.

Such wonderful designs

I just love all of your cards,

It really is such a pleasure and a privilege to be able to teach you,
and even better to have you as friends. 

Look what Freda made for me, and wow does it taste good. 
They are such a talented group as Peter makes the most yummy Marmalade.
So I came home with both.
Oh, I am so lucky, thank you both. 

Before I go today I just wanted to share another photo from yesterday.
This was Elliot, 
he was a pageboy for Danielle’s best friend. 
I can’t believe he isn’t 2, until July.

Now I can’t show favouritism, 
So here is Jenson.
He was enjoying his sleep over.

 I just adore them both. 
Better get on, I have finished my cup of tea. 
Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and that you have a good week ahead.

Much love and hugs
Jo. xxx


Barbara Finch said...

Beautiful photos No. Elliot looks so handsome in his pageboy suit and Henson so contented.
Loved our day yesterday and am going to try to do these again - first of all though I have a special baby card to do - our first great grandchild is due very soon!! Trouble is they havn't opted to know the sex so I will have to have to prepare for either
Barbara. Xxx

Barbara Finch said...

Didn't notice the phone calls you No!! It's a pain 😖xx

Barbara Finch said...

Sorry again - Jenson!!predictive text!!!

Barbara Finch said...

Sorry again Jo. - Jenson!! Predictive text!!

Chrissie Roberts said...

Fabulous makes Jo.
Elliott is just a mini Karl!! He looks so handsome in his suit and Jenson looks a happy little chap. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
((hugs)) xx

Karen P said...

Fabulous creations, love those Lavinia stamps and Brusho powders too. Your lovely grandboys are gorgeous Jo x

gwen70 said...

Wonderful day we all had Jo. Thank you so much. Elliot looks so gorgeous and Jenson so contented xx