Thursday, 27 March 2014


Good evening all, well this week has been a tough week in the Rice household. It was Mikeys 23rd Birthday, as he doesn't cope with excitement very well and has spent 3 days in bed unwell....(due to many fits).

So we all rally round as a family and today he is much better, thank goodness and finally eating something.

I have been trying to catch up with jobs on my craft list...first of all I had to get some Clarity Samples made for next Sundays shows on C & C ...then, it was time to use some of the new A5 Stencils.....oh they are fabulous is one of my makes...

This is the petal stencil with the large Garden Bird....and yes, I did resist calling it a large tit....

Here is a closer look.

I used the stencil brushes to do the you know I love these brushes,

They work well with all the stencils...

Here's another one...

Thank you for calling in today, if you have time please leave me a comment....I'm off now to phone my Mum and have a catch up....

Another busy weekend ahead, it's the Happy Stampers show at Port of my favourites.....the building and surroundings are so I will bid you all goodnight....and see you soon.

Have a good weekend,

Hugs Jo. X



  1. Lovely cards, must get my stencils out for a play. Glad Mikey is feeling better xx

  2. Beautiful - I must get my "garden birds" out again at the weekend LOL :-) x

  3. These are fab Jo ...we must chat at the weekend ! Xx

  4. Fab cards, Jo. Hope Mikey is feeling better now.

  5. love stencils. probably you must be the other person that i know that has more than me. i do love working with them and i love the stencil brushes too. enjoy port sunlight and see you soon xx

  6. Forgot to say...glad Mikey's better

  7. Glad Mikey is a bit better need your sleep!

    And I do find it a bit freaky that we seem to be so in tune with our blog posts....we did good luck at the same time and now we have aired our tits at the same time!!!! Ooops I mean Garden Birds! xxx
    These are great cards Jo! But then so are the stencils and Stamps! xxx

    1. Thanks for all your lovely comments...I really do appreciate them all....x

  8. Hi Jo, glad that Mikey is okay, so looking forward to seeing you again. Gorgeous creations as always, loving the bird it is beautiful.
    Linda xxxx

  9. Hi Jo I'm glad Mikey is doing better. Lovely cards again, the colouring is delightful. Angela x

  10. Glad Mikey is improving, must be difficult as a mother to see your darling boy so poorly. Your stencil work is beautiful. I'm really enjoying swishing and swooshing my delicious brushes over them. Enjoy Port Sunny- Wish it was a little closer so I could go too, although not sure I'm ready for you and Jane getting your garden birds out together!!! Xx

  11. My goodness Jo, you've been busy!! Must have a craft tomorrow! Blooming beautiful work... you are amazing matey! xxxx

  12. Oh Jo these cards are gorgeous. I don't know how you do it in such a small amount of time. I am glad everything is OK again. Have a great weekend. xxxx

  13. Hi Jo. Lovely cards as usual girl! Remember to take time out to have fun. Hugs xxx

  14. Hi Jo, sorry to hear you've had a tough week, poor Mikey, I'm pleased he's on the mend now.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend.
    Take care, all credit to you for getting your usual high standard of work completed under such circumstances. I hope it's highly appreciated as it should be.
    Hugs xxx

  15. Beautiful cards Jo. Sorry to hear that Mikey has had a bad time but glad to hear that he's doing better now.
    I hope you're having fun today. x

  16. Evening Jo. So pleased Mikey is feeling better after his birthday. Give him hugs from all the Wed Afternoon lot :)

    Gorgeous card the colours are so beautiful but you didn't quite resist the large 'bird' did you? (can't use Barbs word as i'm a lady LOL)
    Chrissie x

  17. Love the others too! Stencil Queen indeed!

  18. Lovely card babe, as were the rest you had made at the weekend. You did your team proud demonstrating too. xx