Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Moment of Clarity.

Good evening all and a special 'Hello' to Debbie our new was so good to see you on Sunday at Harrogate. Oh, what a brilliant day I had. It was so good to see so many friends, fellow Clarity D.T. Members and crafters from our workshops in Hazel Grove and St. Helens.
Now in a recent post, I said I would give away one of the new Clarity Stencils....A Moment of Clarity,

Drum roll please...

And the winner is.....Emma Emma please 'pm' me your address and your post will be on its way to you....

I do hope you like it....well did you see Barbara called me her Stencil Queen on her blog today...? whoo....I was so chuffed...yah.

Which reminds me on Sunday there was a card challenge....and Barbara she is with her prize ....a brilliant clock from none other that the MDF Man....and yes, I did buy a bag of goodies from him....
I'm off now as I am still getting things together for workshops tomorrow....
Enjoy your evening.....
Jo. X


  1. Stencil Queen woo whoo, enjoy the workshops Jo xx

  2. i never win :(. well done Emma. Stencil Queen now eh? what next? hugs xx

  3. How lovely!!! And well done Emma!
    It was a great day out on Sunday and didn't our boss lady do well! It helped that we were whooping and cheering her along!!! X

  4. love the combination of colours used with this stencil, looks fab. Lovely to meet you at Harrogate xx

  5. Hi Jo
    Thank you for the lovely welcome, I have mentioned your Workshops to my Girls (craft girls) and they are very interested in coming to Lindale, so i will stay in touch and see what happens when Angie is back off holiday mid May.

  6. Congraulations to Emma. A lovely card and looking forward to seeing you Thursday.
    Linda xxx

  7. Stencil Queen! Wow more accolades so what's next? It was great to see you on Sunday. Went for my tea and cake after you left lol AND resisted all the new goodies. See you later x

  8. Oops sorry ... Lovely card and congratulations Emma :)

  9. Thank you Jo. Looking forward to playing with it. And yes you do deserve the title Stencil Queen among others ( all polite I can assure you). I love your shading and the ideas that you come up with. Just Brilliant. xxx Thank you ladies for the congratulations too. xxx