Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day.

Hello, and Happy Mothering Sunday to all you Mums out there. I hope you are having a lovely Day.

Mine started at 7am when Adam left for America with work, I know it is only for a week but I will miss is such a good job we remembered to change all the clocks....did you?

I am aware that it can be a day tinged with sadness for those Mums who are no longer with I think a big group hug is in order....................

There, that is better.

This is the card that I made for my Mum, a special card for a special lady...

I used Clarity stamps and added colour with Wink of Stella pens...

This is Karl's Mums card and yes, I know many of you will recognise my favourite Clarity Stencil.

This sentiment from Clarity is just perfect.

The inside of the card is so important too.

I am just going to take Mikey to work, oh it will be a busy day at Gusto Restaurant for him. He is much better today and Thank you to everyone for the good wishes, they really do mean so much...

Enjoy your Sunday, oh nearly forgot ....A big Thank you to everyone who came to say Hello yesterday at Port Sunny, I had a brilliant day, and it was made even better by seeing so many friends and the warmth of the Clarity family...

Hugs....Jo. X



  1. Two beautiful cards Jo....the stencils and stamps are just perfect for them.
    I'm feeling a bit sad that I have no one to make a card for today!
    Lovely to see you yesterday and your demos were fabulous.
    See you soon

  2. Hi Jo.
    Two gorgeous cards, I saw you using the Fab stencil yesterday. Glad you had a good day at PS, fab wasn't it, I had a good old spend and am working on some stuff today!!
    No peace for the wicked (I love my crafting!)
    My Daughter bought me a Craft magazine as well as perfume and my Son bought me some sweet little jars in a crate, just right to keep my small buttons and gems in....They both know I am craft mad!!
    Hope all goes well at your coming class (you don't need good luck you are so talented). See you soon.

  3. beautiful card Jo - I was especially pleased to see one of the stencils I picked up at Port Sunlight yesterday - in fact the lady there was doing colours just like those - it wasn't you was it? Beautiful card! Hugs rachel xx

    1. I could pretend that it was my evil twin.....!!!!!
      Glad you had a good day and looking forward to seeing what you create...

    2. There could not be two like you Jo but I bet at times you wish there was! X

  4. Fab cards Jo, as always. I love your style. I couldn't get near you or Maria yesterday. You seemed to busy right through to the end. So pleased for you all.

  5. Two beautiful cards Jo, it was lovely seeing you yesterday and glad that it all went well for you.
    Linda xxx

  6. Hi Jo, I left a comment this morning but have noticed as I did my rounds that quite a few of them were missing so I am going around again.

    So I said this morning what lovely cards (as usual) and thanking you for the hugs and that I was going to pop over to give Jane a hug too. I will add my thanks for popping over to my blog and giving me such lovely compliments. Big Big Hugs xxx

  7. hugs Jo. beautiful cards and lovely stencil work even though i still believe that that stencil is upside down!... just dodged...... the brush just missed me, phew! hugs xx

  8. Beautiful cards Jo. I'm sure your mothers appreciated them. Hugs also for those of you missing your mums. I feel like that on father's day. Xxx

  9. beautiful cards Jo I am sure they were well received. Mother's day is tinged with sadness as sadly I am an orphan these days xx

  10. Jo this is beautiful (twice) I love them both, I love them both x
    Denise x