Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Show Time...

Good evening friends and fellow crafters, how are you this Tuesday evening. 
I've been spending the day with Karl, oh I did miss him last week, but I did have a really great time too. 
I was so nervous about demonstrating on the Claritystamp stand at the SECC
But everyone was so lovely and kind.

I traveled by train and arrived at lunchtime on Wednesday and was greeted  by the wonderful Heather who gave me a big hug and made me feel right at home.

Along with Dave and Len we then spent the afternoon getting the stand together.

And how wonderful it looked when we had finished....

Lots of amazing new Stencils,

New Blending mats, 

And New Folders....(and yes, I did NEED one of the folders!!!) 

We stayed in a nearby hotel and Heather is a brilliant room buddie.....we got on like a house on fire....

For the next four days we worked on the stand, Boss Man Dave at the helm, Heather in charge of products and I sat and played...oh sorry demonstrated...

These are a couple of samples that I made...

Here is one of the new Stencil folders,

When Sunday evening arrived and the doors closed we then began with the help of Len to take everything down, put it away and load it all onto the van....
Ready for the next show which is at Harrogate next weekend...
When I got home I was greeted with Tess jumping with excitement .....oh she had missed me...and hasn't left my side since.....
Thanks for sharing my travels, as always it is a pleasure to have you join me...
Hugs....Jo. X 


  1. Well done Jo! An extremely worthy addition to the Clarity Team. Glad you're home safe and sound xxxxx

  2. Glad you survived us and our weather Jo. It was really lovely to meet you and have a chance to chat, all be it for a little while...she was busy demonstrating honest Barbara. Now when I read your posts I will be able to hear your voice in my head...I'm sure that's a sign of something, not sure what though. Take care and enjoy Harrogate xxxx

  3. Hi Jo, thanks for sharing your photographs they look fabulous. I am so happy that you had a good time and enjoyed yourself. I love going to shows demonstrating but it is oh so nice coming home. See you Sunday.
    Linda xxx

  4. Jo you were fabulous, every time I passed you were busy with someone chatting or watching you demonstrate your fabulous ideas onto paper.

    It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for signing my beautiful piece of art. You are a lovely lady Jo and I am so glad I met you. Your work is stunning and I am glad I got to tell you so.

    Your friend Denise x