Wednesday, 20 May 2020


Good morning all, 
From a lovely, sunny Cheshire. 
I do hope you have some sun today, it really does make everything seem that bit better.
I know that a few of you have got to the stage where you are struggling now.
Please just keep going for a bit longer, 
Hopefully things will slowly start getting back to some sort of normal. 

Yesterday it was the ODS on HOCHANDA for Aall & Create, and 
It featured some fabulous new stamps by Tracy.
This is one of my samples, and I was so pleased that they 
got to the studio in time. 

I am lucky to have some lovely crafty friends north of the border and this thistle stamp is just perfect 
for them, so I was thinking of them when creating this design.

I started off by finding a map, and yes, it actually is Scotland. 

I tore the edges , added some ink and some stencil work. 

Next I stamped the thistle, added some colour and gave it the vintage treatment too, 

Next to the assembly, and I knew I had some ribbon somewhere that would be perfect. 
Oh it took me ages to find it, 
You know what it is like 
In our craft space...

As you know I love the finishing off details, so a scrabble letter and a rusty safety pin.
In my head the ribbon reminds me of a kilt and the safety pin is the kilt pin.
And that is all I am saying !!!!

I do think that this type of design would be good for a man’s card too.
I still get excited when I see my designs on tv, 
Leonie made some wonderful pieces too and all Tracy’s samples were fabulous. 
I hope you managed to tune in.

Today I have craft jobs to do this morning but I 
have promised myself the afternoon in the garden. 

Sometimes we just need to take five minutes out, and that is how I feel.
I know it will just refresh me as I have another busy couple of days ahead. 

Thanks for popping in 
As always 
Take care 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


  1. Hi Jo
    Stunning card .... love all the extras you have added... I watched Leonie she is amazing ...
    Enjoy your afternoon in the garden....
    it’s going to be 30 degs here in Gib... we love right on the beach lovely
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  2. Oh wow, Jo i love this, such a cool sample, definitely one to hang on the wall. Next stop Dublin ;-)

  3. Fab card Jo. Hope you had a lovely afternoon in your garden. Hugs to you and Karl x