Tuesday 15 October 2019

Such a lovely day

Good morning all, I hope you are keeping well 
I am catching up with you as we travel back home. 
At the moment we are on the ferry, then we have our 6hr drive home. 

I do hope the motorways are kinder to us than they were on the journey up. 
Yesterday we decided to have a day off, you see on Sunday I was sat in our little motorhome 
making samples, no rest for the wicked !!!!
So yesterday we got the local bus and went down the road from the campsite and 
visited DownPatrick. 
What a beautiful place, 

And so much history. 

We visited the Cathedral 
and the final resting place of St Patrick. 

And the old jail, which is now a wonderful museum 

It was such a fabulous place to spend the day 

So lovely to spend time with Karl .
Mind you I have been wondering how Eric is, 
His first time in kennels without Tess.
We should be home between 8 and 9pm tonight. 
Then back to the long list of jobs tomorrow.

We may just stop at Tebay services for our evening meal.

Take care all
Love and hugs 
Jo xxxx


MFM said...

Hope the M6 was kind to you and Tebay provided a good meal.
I expect Eric will be glad to see you and you him.

gwen70 said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend Jo. I am sure Eric was fine xx

Jo Rice said...

Thanks ladies, collected Eric and yes he was fine, but he had really missed us...xx