Friday 18 October 2019

One Day Special.

Good afternoon everyone, I do hope today is going well. 
I have been busy in my craft room as I 
had a magazine commission to finish. 
So many jobs on my list at the moment, but I 
did manage to take a few hours off yesterday, 
It was grandma duties, and yes , I loved every minute of it .

Today I am going to share some sneak peeks with you.
These are samples that I have made for Tracy’s ODS on HOCHANDA. 

Her first show is at 6pm tonight,..
I am so blessed  to be able to have her as a friend. 

Even better is that I can deliver my samples to her and have coffee and catch up with her and Anne. 
Two wonderful, inspirational ladies, honest and genuine. 
Quite rare in the craft industry. 

I will pop back next week with more photos, and some photo tutorials. 

Next weekend it is our Autumn retreat in Cumbria, so I 
have so much to prepare.

Have a lovely weekend all
Much love and hugs 

Jo xxx


MFM said...

So good to have people you respect and trust around you.
Sample looks great, looking forward to see more next week.
Ps How's Eric?

prairiecraft said...

This is a blog to watch for sure. I think you have a really awesome writing style by the way. Very easy to read. Your blog design is so clean too! Thank you all the hard work!

Kato Glue