Monday 5 March 2018

Groovi Saturday

Good evening all, 
I really hope that your week has started well. 
Mine began at 5-30am when Karl left to travel up to 
Aberdeen for a few days . 
So I have walked the dogs, done some housework...
And then been working through my craft list..
I have a few jobs ticked off the list, 
Next lot of magazine cards made, 
Emails answered,
Two commissioned cards made, 
Next on the list 
Mother’s Day cards...
Fingers crossed , I get one made Mum..
(If not...I had better go shopping !!!! lol )
On Saturday it was our regular Groovi workshop.
Thank you ladies for braving the weather 
We used the lovely Art Deco plates 

These are such stunning plates...and lovely to just add some colour 

They are great to mix and match with other plates too..

And to use on the decorative parchment..
It was such a lovely day...and we did have a good laugh too.
I even found a new way of keeping the ladies on the naughty table
Counting brads 

Thank you Jean for being such a good sport...

On Sunday a few of us went to the craft show at Leigh...
Oh it was so busy...
It was really good to see so many Crafters..
And to catch up with Martine and Susan, who were demonstrating.

It is our Hazel Grove workshop on Wednesday 
So I had better get things sorted 
Take care all,

Love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


Donna Brooks said...

Beautiful groovi work, really like the snow drops. Glad you have managed to get to all your classes with the snow. Xx

Jo Rice said...

Thanks Donna, hope you have a lovely weekend...xxxx