Thursday, 8 March 2018

Wednesday’s workshops

Good evening all,
So glad that you can join me this evening. 
Sorry I am late with this blog post but I have been spending time with a certain little man...
We have had such a lovely afternoon.
Yesterday it was our regular Hazel Grove workshops 
They were such fun, 
And Julie baked us a wonderful Gluten free, satsuma tray bake,,
It was yummy 
Thanks so much Julie 
I do think she needs to write her own craft  cook book. 

This was our first card , we used a fabulous die from Apple blossom dies, 
The background was created with distress oxides, I do love their bright colours. 
We used Kraft card for that on trend look..

The Floral bird panel can be found at craft stash...
Just click on the following link 

It is such a useful die.

This was our second card...
We used some of the fabulous Clarity backing papers ,
A moon mask, added some stamping..
And some colour using spectrum Noir pencils. 
This time we used white card for the die cut...
So we added some white Posca dots to balance the design . 

You know how much I love my Posca pen. 
Off now to catch up with Karl.
Enjoy your evening  all

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


  1. I too have a posca pen that I purchased after seeing you using yours as I really loved the effect however I just can't get on with it do you have any tips on how to use it. Mine either doesn't work or else it splodges ever where.does it come in different thicknesses I have very little voice here in Spain and was so excited when I found it but it does have quite a thick your cards thank you for the inspiration. Lynda in Spain.

    1. Hi Lynda , so good to hear from you,,, I must admit that I don’t have any problems with my Posca...they do make them in different thickness of nibs,,,so I have a thick one for canvas work and a fine one for cards.
      They have a ball beating inside and I always shake mine first...with the lid ON...
      Also don’t over press on the nib...
      Hope that helps...
      Let me know how you get on Xxx

  2. Sorry I meant choice not voice. Don't you just love predicted text grrrrr!

  3. Beautiful cards, looks like another purchase is on the horizon.

  4. Lovely projects Jo, the colors are so bright. Would love to come to one of your workshops they always sound such fun. Xx

    1. I would love you to come to Donna,,,we need a plan...xx