Thursday, 1 March 2018

ATC Time

Good afternoon everyone,,,
How are you doing ? 
I hope you are keeping safe and warm...
I can’t believe how much snow we have had and how windy it has got today..
We have a real blizzard outside at the moment. 
So I decided it was time for a catch up...
So I am sat here with a lovely cup of tea and a piece of Gluten free cake, ,
I have decided that today I definitely need cake to keep warm...
Summer is the time to diet....not winter...
It was very cold walking the dogs today , 
But yes , 
Eric went for his morning swim in the river ...
Bless him...

Look at the two of them racing across the field...
At times I can’t believe that Tess will be ten this year...

Recently I have been making a lot of ATC’s 
Remember these 
Artist Trading Cards...
They are a great way to practice new techniques,,,and just play..

There are a few things to remember 
They must be 3-5 inches by 2-5inches
They can be given away, traded but not sold. 
They must be flat enough to fit into a plastic sleeve 
And they must have the artists details on the back , 
Be signed and dated. 

This one uses the ghosting technique and a Clarity stencil 

Dies can be used too..

And small stamps are great 

They are such fun to make and swap..

Adam is on nights at the moment , I don’t think he was looking forward to 
going in tonight,,,I do hope they manage to keep the airport open .
Look Elliot wants to be his little helper..

Karl and I found this little high vis jacket and couldn’t resist buying it...

So on that note , 
A photo to make you smile. 
I am off to clean my craft space..
Wish me luck 

Take care all

Love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


  1. Lovely ATCs I really like the ghosting technique, it's something I really enjoy.
    Elliot looks really cute with his dad not to mention with his tongue poking out! LOL (hugs) Keep safe xx

  2. Love your atcs Jo, great idea for practising techniques. Your photos of Elliot in his high vis are just gorgeous! Keep warm and eat plenty of cake, I am!! :-) xxx

  3. Thanks Chrissie and Julie. I love reading your comments. Take care both, and yes, let’s all keep warm and eat cake...xxxxx

  4. Awww, super cute! Glad Tess and Eric are enjoying the snow, I love the sound of the snow when I go for a walk, but blimey it's been cold!! Love the ATCs I have never made one, I know they used to be big at one time with lots of places to swap them. Good that they are still around to share ideas. Stay warm and watch out for the slippy stuff. XX