Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Lovely friends

Good morning all and thanks for joining me. 

I am currently sat at the hairdressers and thought it would be a good time to catch up...
You see I could just sit and read a magazine,,,but I would rather spend a few moments with my lovely friends 
I have a coffee at hand and a chocolate biscuit. 
I know so many of you from various workshops and Fb friends read this little  blog , 
You don’t like to leave a comment , which is fine,,,but you just like to read and feel part of it..
Again that is fine by me...and some of you know I test you and ask questions when I see you...
And I know who is laughing now...

Don’t worry...
I won’t name ,,,.names,,,lol..
And of course  there is my Mum,,,

Hi Mum,,,
Who reads this without fail...and tthen there is my lovely proof reader...
Thanks Mate 

Now I know January can be a difficult month for many people...
And this year there are so many nasty bugs going around.
I have a couple of ladies from various workshops who are in hospital and others who have relatives in hospital,
It is times like this that Family and friends are so important...
So if you are reading this and for whatever reason you need a hug..
Here is one just for you...

And if you are feeling down...
Grab a coffee and join me...
And let’s have a catch up

Life is a bit hectic in the Rice household this week, 
Mikey is still with us and so far so good with his management training 
Fran has come over for a couple of days to see him , 
Oh bless her 
She misses him .

Adam, Danielle and Elliot are all ok...and today it  is swimming for them. 
The little man is desperate to sit up...

I just adore him 

I have been trying to get dates sorted and emails sent for workshops...
Plus I have a magazine commission to get under my belt this week 
Mind you Karl is away for a couple of days so I will get it done then .

I have an inky workshop on Saturday so I have some prepping to do for that...
I think I will do that tomorrow...and just get everything out and have a good old messy session...

I will let you know how I get on...
Many thanks to all those ladies who have asked about our Cumbria workshops and retreat..
I am answering your emails as quickly as I can,,
I have added new dates for Glasgow and Anglesey in March and April so please book those if you live near..

Better stop writing and moving my head...
This could be quite a hair cut,,,,
With less hair and more cut
Take care all

If you have snow...keep safe...and warm

Lots of love and hugs 

Jo. xxxxx


  1. Love hearing your news jo .
    Thanks for your time of sharing
    Snow is predicted for tomorrow, so some grocery shopping is in order and some exercise at the gym and some fun with distress oxides . It rarely snows here so you would think the world is coming to an end . Jan

  2. Returning your hug Jo! We seem to be escaping the worst of the weather - so far at least!! I am so looking forward to our class which seems to be so far away! My only crafty effort has been today when I made a little 'wishing you well' card for my granddaughter who is going into hospital for a short visit.
    Sheila and I are getting together on Friday for a little play so we will see how that goes!
    Take care - looking forward to some sneaky peaks soon!!😊😊😊 Xx

  3. Such a busy lady. Hope you still have some hair left, bit chilly for a crew cut.
    Take care, have fun

  4. Hi Jo, sorry I am one of those that usually read and don't leave a comment...Love reading your blog posts and this is no exception. Love the pic of the little

  5. Thanks for your blog Jo, I do enjoy reading it and learning from your great ideas. Keep writing and I will keep reading. Sending love. Xx

  6. Oh my my Jo...what a LOVELY post!!!! So thoughtful and entertaining...hope your haircut was a! Your Grandson is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! Nothing better than being a Grandma!!!
    Take care,