Monday, 22 January 2018


Good afternoon all and thanks  for popping in. 
I do hope that you had a lovely weekend. 
Everything is ok here , the little man was a dream to look after on Saturday evening and Sunday..
Although I must say that both Karl and I were shattered 
And in bed at 8pm last night .

On Saturday it was our Manchester inky workshop..
And we did some stencil play 
Just refreshing on some techniques...and generally getting motivated...
Oh and getting our steps in....!!!! Sh...h...h...ladies..

We used the fabulous Pocket Watch stencil from Clarity 

Our first tag was made by gently brushing distress ink through the stencil. 

Then we went onto some ghosting. 

We covered the tag with ink...Distress and/ or Artistry ink 

Placed the stencil down and spritzed with water. 

After removing the stencil, we dried the tag 

And this is what we had 

Next we did the negative ghosting effect 
So we started off with ink on the tag 

And sprayed the back of the stencil with water..
Then placed this wet side down on the tag 

Left it for a few moments, removed the stencil and dried. 

Look , this is what we had 

One positive and one negative. 

These are great backgrounds and can easily be made into a tag or a card 

Here I used this fab die cut from Craft Stash 
It is Bird on a Branch by Apple Blossom. 

This is Tracie’s tag...I love her colours . 
After lunch we made a card using the stencil 

And look at the colours that Susan used ,
I love these 

So many possibilities with these backgrounds 

We even had time for a bonus tag
A no planning...
Just for fun, 
Five minute tag 

I did enjoy making this, and I love using staples as accessories,,,

And I couldn’t resist taking this photo to show you Elliot on Saturday evening , 
Ready for bed...
And he slept through until 8-30am...

Today , I am getting orders completed and catching up with washing and ironing .
Wednesday is out Hazel Grove workshops..
See you soon ladies..

Enjoy your afternoon
Love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


  1. Love your tags and your instructions Jo, I never think to do that, I'll have to give it a go. Elliot is so cute and growing up :-) xxx

  2. Just brilliant as usual, you make it look so easy. Will give it a go but I bet mine doesn't look quite as perfect as your samples.
    Elliot is certainly growing.

  3. Beautiful tags, such great colours and I love the ghosting technique, do you think it would work on Spectrum sparkle pen backgrounds? Love seeing Elliot, he is growing so fast! XX

  4. Great artwork Jo. I must agree about Sams' choice of colours, they look really good.
    Young Elliot is growing so quickly - if you are tired before he starts moving, well let's just say it only gets worse!!!LOL xx