Thursday, 11 January 2018

Glad to be back

Good afternoon all and thanks for joining me, on this cold Thursday evening.
I do hope you are keeping warm today. 
Yesterday it was our first workshop of the year...we were back at Hazel Grove, 
I hadn’t realise how much I had missed these ladies and all the laughter. 
We had a play with background techniques and used a rather lovely die from Apple Blossom dies available from Craft Stash. 

We used pixie powders for this card...I do love the effect from these lovely powders. 
Plus some cotton to add extra detail...I found it in my sewing box...and believe me , I won’t be using it for sewing...

Distress / Artistry inks were used for this background, plus the fabulous script stencil from Clarity .

We also talked about the use of gilding wax on black card 

Pixie powders again in the background for this one. 

Distress ink and smooshing for this one..

And finally using die cuts to create the shadow effect. 

So many possibilities with one little die...

I decided to ease the ladies gently back into workshops..
So that’s it...
It is full steam ahead from now

Especially for the camel lady!!!!

Must dash as the little man is due soon... and I need my daily fix of grandma cuddles...

Take care all..
Much love and hugs..

Jo. xxxx


Donna Brooks said...

Great cards, love the pixie powder backgrounds. Enjoy your hugs. Xx

Jo Rice said...

Thanks Donna, have a lovely , creative