Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Another fabulous friend.

Good afternoon all, and thanks for joining me. 
How are you today ? 
Well , 
I hope. 
There are so many bugs going around. 
The weather has been so wet and windy...Eric had a great time this morning ,
 jumping in and out of the puddles down at the fields. 

Now this is what you call a puddle,,,,

He just loves being in water...clean or muddy , he really doesn’t mind. 

Tess on the other hand just likes to paddle...bless her , she is 9 now, but can run with Eric like a puppy. 

This morning I went out for coffee with Mary, Danielle and Elliot...
What a lovely way to spend a morning...
And Elliot just loves his Aunty Mary..

We did a little bit of shopping too...
Well when things are 50% off it would be rude not too...

I was very lucky the other day to receive this fantastic present from my lovely friend 
Wendy Turner..

She has paper cut this design by hand .
It is truly beautiful and I will treasure it 
Thank you so much lovely lady 

I also got this stunning card too...

Mind you , I have taken all my cards and decorations down...have you ? 
I just felt it was time , especially as I have lots of craft jobs to get on with..
Next week kicks off the first workshops of the year and I have an important meeting tomorrow morning..
It is going to be such an exciting year, I can tell you 

Hope you are feeling motivated , and excited about the year ahead..
I also have a special friend coming to stay this weekend..
So I had better get on with cleaning her bedroom..
It has Elliot’s toys in at the moment...

Take care all
Love and hugs 
Jo. xxxx


  1. Happy New Year Jo. Good Luck with everything you do. xx

    1. Thanks Lynne, Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your

  2. Ha ha Eric is a typical labrador and Tess is such a lady, what a puddle indeed.Happy New Year to you and your family xx

  3. I have finally managed to get crafty this afternoon! Yay! Glad Eric is enjoying the puddle, although that looks big enough to be a pond! Xx