Friday, 22 December 2017

Nearly there .

Good afternoon everyone and thanks for joining me, 
Come on in , pull up a chair , 
Have a coffee and mince pie with me,,
How are things going today..? 
Are you getting there..
I am , thank goodness...
All the presents are wrapped, 
Most of the food and drink is ready...
Just a few fresh items to collect tomorrow.
So it is time to just sit, chill and enjoy this wonderful season...
I have been given the most amazing cards and present this year...
Look Julie made me a gluten free Christmas cake..

Thank you so much Julie. 
I am going to enjoy it...
And you all know how much I love cake, 
I am going to photograph the cards...
Wow there are some real really are a very talented , and generous bunch of friends. 
So for the next few blog posts 
I am going to share some of them with you...
In no particular order...
No favourites here..
So keep popping back to see them and drink up the inspiration..
Enjoy these next few days...
And remember to just relax and take it all in..

Much love and hugs. 
And a big thank you..

Jo. xxxx


  1. Have a super Christmas Jo! Sending love. Xx

  2. Happy Christmas Jo to you and yours, it will be wonderful with Elliot although he will be more interested in the wrapping paper. Enjoy xx