Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Catch up

Good afternoon all and thanks for popping in. 
How is your week going ? 
I am slowly getting there,,,ticking jobs of the list..
Every year I think I will be ready for Christmas early...I get organised....
Then things happen...and time whizzes...
And I some how end up on the last minute. 
But do you know what....
We always have a wonderful time...
I hope you are getting organised too...
Time is such strange thing...some days there isn’t enough...and then other days it just drags...
Over the past few months I have found that time has been running away with me,,,
So I have decided to step down from the Clarity Design Team...
This means that I will have more time to concentrate on workshops, magazine work and oh yes ...retreats..
And keep enjoying what I do...
I would like to thank Barb and Dave for a fabulous few years on the DT , and I will miss 
my fellow dt memebres..
But I am sure I will still see them around Fb etc..
I have already started making plans for next years workshops...and I will post dates soon..
The Cumbria Retreat is fully booked and I am also looking a new venues in the area...
I will update you all when I know more. 
I am really looking forwards to having a couple of weeks off over Christmas , to 
Spend some quality family time...
But don’t worry , I will keep up with some blog posts...
And I have a few new ideas to try ready for future classes. 
I also have a certain little man to spoil..

Take care all,
Enjoy your evening
Much love and hugs
Jo. xxxx


  1. I shall look forward to learning lots of new things from your blog in the coming year, you always inside me to try new things. Have a very happy Christmas with the family. Sending love and thanks. Xx

  2. Have a great Christmas. I am looking forward to your new ideas and new workshops.
    Thank you for sharing .

  3. Hi JO,
    Sorry you are not on the DT any more, but I do understand the time issue. Good luck with all your workshops, it must take you lots of time to get those prepped and organised. Keep in touch! xxx

  4. Thanks Donna, Maggie and Janet, I will miss my team mates but I am really looking forwards to new ventures and lots of new products for next years having more family time,,,group hug...xxxx

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