Friday 29 December 2017

More wonderful cards

Good afternoon all, how are you today ? 
I must admit I am a bit lost this week, and find it hard to remember what day it is....Christmas just seems to leave me in a muddle,.,
Do you find the same ? 
We took the dogs down the fields this morning and it had been freezing , but some places were still muddy 
Silly me make a mistake a walked over a large puddle, but ended up slipping and then falling through the cracked ice. 
I can tell you the water was very cold...and the air a bit blue...!!!! 
Good job Karl was there to lift me out...
So I am a little bit tender today...
As for the dogs ....they just watched...
Karl did ask if I was practicing for dancing on ice !!!! Bless him..
Onto today’s cards...

As promised I am sharing more of the fabulous art work with you 

I am so honoured that I have been sent these 

And the messages inside..
Wow thank you all so much 

And the gifts...
What can I say 
You are such a generous and lovely group of friend 

Look at these 

My Pointsettia is still looking fab , thanks Janet and Susan 

I have so many things to treasure 

I will pop back tomorrow with the last instalment 
Take care all 
Enjoy your evening 
A bottle of wine and a film for us...

After an afternoon nap...
Or as Fi calls it a granny nap...

Love and hugs 
Jo. xxxx


MFM said...

Beautiful cards for a very special lady. Hope it's a good film or you may be nodding off after all that Elliot time.

Donna Brooks said...

Lovely cards again Jo, I think it's the Christmas season that makes everyone have a little nap in the afternoon. ..well that's what I'm telling myself anyway! Xx